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Benefits of Eating Dates During Pregnancy


Benefits of Eating Dates During Pregnancy

Majority of the people say it is beneficial to eat dates during pregnancy. But you must be wondering does it matter if you eat khajoor or not. Well, you are most likely to get answers to almost all questions under this blog. Above all, dry fruits make all the difference. Besides being safe for mother and baby, dates are also quite beneficial.  It is because the sugars in dates break down and provide energy without causing any significant boost in blood sugar levels in the body, and the best part is that khajoor can satisfy your sweet tooth too.  Like any other dry fruits, dates are mostly consumed dried, they have more caloric content, and the key here is to eat in moderation. Above all, you can’t go wrong with dates when it comes to sweet and healthy snacks during pregnancy. The dried fruit is most likely to be on the radar but eating a handful of dates is more nutritious than some realize. Dates tend to contain fructose that breaks down quickly and offers instant energy without altering your blood sugar levels. It is good to eat them during pregnancy as it is good as they contain laxatives that help in uterus contractions and ease labour by shortening them.

Dates Nutritional facts:

As per the dates nutritional fact, one hundred grams of iron provides 277Kcal of energy and contains 1.8g protein and 6.7g fibre.

Energy: 227 Kcal

Fibre: 6.7 g

Proteins: 1.8 g

Iron: 0.9 mg

Folate: 15 mcg

Fat: 0.2 g

Vitamin K: 2.7 mcg

Potassium: 696 mg

Magnesium: 54 mg

Thanks to the fantastic dates nutrition facts, they are highly recommended for pregnant women as they can help in reducing the risk of anaemia, help cope with morning sickness, regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels, to get rid of toxins, boost immunity, and maintain healthy calcium content in the body, as per dry dates, nutrition fact they are loaded with different nutrients that can help pregnant women in a plethora of ways.

  • Iron: All of us know that pregnant women require a lot of iron as compared to others, and you must know dates are loaded with iron and can help keep anaemia away by ensuring that the blood has a healthy haemoglobin The dry fruits nutrition facts say iron plays a crucial role in the various metabolic processes in your body and increases both your and your baby’s immune system.
  • Folate- one of the essential nutrients that you will need to consume during pregnancy is folic acid, and it prevents brain and spinal cord congenital disabilities in babies.
  • Vitamin K- As per dates nutrition facts, Vitamin K helps in the clotting of blood and the development of your baby’s bone structure, and dates are among the best sources of this vitamin.
  • Fibre- One of the most common issues during pregnancy is constipation, and you can indeed prevent it by eating dates. As per dates nutrition facts, they offer high fibre content so that you can digest them easily. Besides keeping your tummy full, they can also help maintain a healthy weight which is quite crucial.

Health Benefits of Dates During Pregnancy:

  • Give you energy- you need more power than usual during pregnancy, and it is one of the best dates benefits as consuming a handful of dates every day will supply the required sugars and other nutrients.
  • Get relief from constipation- It is one of the most beautiful dates. Health benefits as dates are rich sources of fibre; they keep the digestive system healthy and help relieve pregnancy-related constipation. Above all, they keep your tummy full, reduce cholesterol levels, and help maintain a healthy weight.
  • Proteins produce amino acids- Dates can offer plenty of proteins to the diet, which is essential to build amino acids, which is required for body growth, and you can say it is one of the best dry dates benefits.
  • Helps prevent congenital disabilities- Folate prevents congenital disabilities related to the brain and spinal cord, and the best part is that dates are just a fantastic source of folate. Experts recommend folate supplements and intake of folate-rich foods before and during pregnancy to prevent congenital disabilities.
  • Vitamin K for the baby: Vitamin K is undoubtedly one of the best dry fruits benefits as babies are born with a very low Vitamin K, which aids in clotting and bone development. The baby may get the amount of this vitamin through breastmilk if the mother consumes dates during and after pregnancy.
  • Contains iron: It is one of the most important dates of health benefits as they have some amount of iron and may help in the prevention of anaemia during pregnancy. Additionally, iron maintains haemoglobin in the body and strengthens both you and your little one’s immunity.
  • Maintains water-salt balance- One of the best dry dates benefits as they contain potassium, which maintains water-salt balance, also regulates blood pressure and avoids muscle cramps. If you don’t have this mineral, then it is quite possible it can increase the risk of blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and stroke.
  • Bones and teeth in the baby- Another essential mineral is magnesium because it helps in forming teeth and bones in the baby. Additionally, it regulates your blood sugar and blood pressure levels. During pregnancy, dates help prevent magnesium deficiency which can otherwise lead to an increase in the chances of chronic hypertension, preeclampsia, placental dysfunction, and premature labour.

Date Recipes for Pregnancy:

  • Smoothie: it is one of the best date recipes as you just need to mix dates and yoghurts to make a great smoothie.
  • Dessert: You can add dates to couscous along with sesame and pure honey and make it one of the most impressive dry fruits recipes.
  • Syrup- To make one of the best dry dates recipes, you can mix dates and some milk in a blender and drizzle the same over some ice cream, wheat waffles, toast, or oatmeal.
  • Pie crust- You can make one of the most amazing dry dates recipes by creating dry dates and nuts in a mixer and integrate them with pie crust dough.


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