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Easy To Make Chia Seeds Recipes


Easy To Make Chia Seeds Recipes

No doubt chia seeds look relatively tiny, but they are incredibly nutritious as just 30 grams) contain 10 grams of fibre, 5 grams of protein, and 138 calories. Additionally, chia seeds are a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids and some minerals essential for bone health, like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. The best part about super seeds is that it is flavourless, and it makes them relatively easy to add to several foods and recipes. These chia seed recipes are all-day staples that go far beyond breakfast, and they offer the majority of the chia seed benefits. Above all, the super seeds are packed with fibre, protein, and omega-3s that promote slow digestion and a subsequent steady stream of energy.

The pantry staple is ideal for nut-packed bars, a shortcut thickener for easy toppings, and lastly, the setting agent in creamy puddings. Chia seeds or super seeds have got you covered no matter if you are looking to enhance your digestive health, boost metabolism, or add another source of healthy fatty-acids to your diet. There are a plethora of chia seed benefits as their high source of fibre, ability to help keep you full. The chia seed benefits provide both cardiovascular and digestive health.

Some of the easy chia seeds recipes are:

• Strawberries and Cream Chia Pudding- it is one of the best chia seeds recipes as Chia pudding” is a perfect replacement for sugary, processed bread or rice puddings that are loaded with refined carbs and empty calories. The super seeds recipes feature chia seeds which the ability to soak up water and form a gel-like substance which is more or less similar to dessert-like puddings that may be some of your childhood favourites. When it comes to making chia seed recipes for amazing breakfast puddings, the sky is the only limit as this combination of coconut, strawberries, and lime is a perfect combination of sweet and decadent, and it also makes you feel light.
• Coconut Chia Protein Pancakes- You can make the pancakes using coconut flour and top it with a few unsweetened coconut flakes. Add something different in terms of flavour as compared to your usual plain or blueberry pancakes. Chia seeds boost the satisfying protein and fibre in this breakfast, so you stay full and focused until lunchtime with the chia seeds recipes.
• Quinoa Chia Seed Protein Bars- The majority of the packaged protein bars contain a laundry list of processed ingredients that lead to digestive ailments. You can have this as one of the best chia seeds recipes as you can make your own protein bars and have the healthy breakfast-on-the-go option, or something you can keep in your bag as a filling afternoon snack.
• Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal- If one of the easiest ways to incorporate them into your breakfast is adding chia seeds to your oatmeal. It is one of the super seeds recipes because pumpkin and chia seeds make this breakfast a great source of fibre, that helps to keep your digestive system operating smoothly. Besides that, cinnamon, along with the high amount of fibre, both work to keep your blood sugar stable. When preparing your oats with chia seeds, ensure you add a bit more water as chia seeds will soak up a fair amount of liquid and make your oats denser.
• Orange Vanilla Bean Chia Pudding- In every kitchen, both Oranges and other citrus fruits should be staples as they are one of the foods that are highest in vitamin C, which boosts immunity, helps in healing infection and acts as a powerful antioxidant. If you add citrus fruits to the chia seeds recipes, then the orange-infused oatmeal will help in keeping your “glow” all winter long, while oranges are usually at their peak of ripeness and availability. Vanilla extract makes a great addition to almost all chia pudding and super seeds recipes thanks to its shelf-stable, low in calories, but relatively high in flavour.
• Apple Mug-Muffins with Chia Seeds- The egg-free super seeds recipes use coconut flour over-processed flours, which makes this recipe not only gluten-free but also vegetarian/vegan friendly. Apples are an excellent addition to all muffin recipes because of their high level of fibre and anti-inflammatory properties.
• Blackberry Chia Jam- you can choose to skip the sugary, jarred jams that you often buy as you can make your own upgraded version instead of using a plethora of actual berries and chia seeds. It is one of the chia seeds recipes that help to create a perfect jelly texture, above all, keep your blood sugar stable. You can start by spreading this jam on sprouted ancient grain toast, English muffin, or oatmeal. Berries help in fighting free radicals and are great for minimizing symptoms associated with ageing; plus, they are loaded with antioxidants along with anti-inflammatory properties because of the high level of antioxidants and hence making them super seeds recipes.
• Toasted Oatmeal with Strawberry Chia Jam and Coconut Whipped Cream- You can make your own “toasted oatmeal” instead of depending on baked goods like store-bought muffins or pastries, which will give you the same hearty texture you are looking for with a fraction of the calories and sugar. Oats are an amazing source of fibre, that helps to regulate blood sugar and reduce cravings. They are also able to make you feel full and satisfied by providing essential minerals and complex carbohydrates, that are especially useful for athletes, making them an excellent pre or post-workout snack. Hence it is one of the best chia seeds recipes loaded with minerals.
• Chia Seed Wafer Cookies- One of the best super seeds recipes as you can use chia seeds in a healthy dessert. You can use coconut flour or oat flour in place of regular all-purpose flour, replacing pure maple syrup or honey rather than the agave nectar.

Hence these are some fantastic super seeds recipes, and you can try these if you are planning to make chia seeds recipes.

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