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At Inaaya: We don't only Snack Smart, but we also work Smart.

Inaaya has steered clear of the use of synthetic components in the preparation of snacks.

At Inaaya, the health & well-being of consumers supersedes the desire to maximise profits

All savoury snacks and dry fruits supplied by Inaaya Snack Smarter are Trans Fat free.

We give our clients gluten free snacks to choose from and enjoy a guilt free snacking experience.


For us Indians, snacks are an indulgence. At Inaaya: Snack Smarter, any snack that we conjure for our loyal snacking customers need to have a great crunchy feel in the mouth, tasty & flavoured profiles that leaves you wanting for more & of course bite sized treats of goodness. All our snacks are developed mixing exciting recipes & ingredients in house leaving our eager customers with Indian packaged snacks for kids and adults alike which they adore.

Inaaya innovates snacks with an exotic snack flavoured profiles at consistently affordable prices. Our dried fruits, premium nuts, peanuts & potato sticks are extremely popular. This delicious array of healthy savoury snacks & dried fruits would otherwise be provided by non-Indian brands at unaffordable prices. They are also free of trans fat & come with no added food colouring or preservatives making Inaaya the smart snacking option.

Innaya is proud to bring to its smart snackers Premium Nuts & Dried Fruits online & in store fronts. We supply consistently healthy Indian snacks because of an efficient supply chain & we have invested heavily in along with cold storage facilities which maximize the freshness and shelf life of the dried fruits and nuts. We coat our peanuts and potato sticks with exotic seasoning (such as sriracha, peri peri, wasabi) that give the customer snacks experience and the ability to order healthy snacks online like they may have not experienced ever before.

Inaaya: Snack Smarter is known for its tasty Indian snacks & healthy savoury snacks which also include coated peanuts, flavoured potato sticks and its premium yet affordable dry fruits and nuts. Inaaya supplies delicious & healthy snacks for kids & adults & is now moving aggressively in the vegetable chips segment. We have garnered widespread appreciation for our Beetroot Chips & our developing a wider offering in the vegetable chips segment to provide high protein snacks & low carb snacks at competitive prices.

Inaaya supplies a wide range of healthy snacks online which include tasty Indian dry snacks, savoury snacks, high protein snacks and low carb snacks which are best suited for the Indian taste palate.

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