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5 Immunity Boosting Super Seeds that You Must include in Your Daily Diet.


5 Immunity Boosting Super Seeds that You Must include in Your Daily Diet.

5 Immunity-Boosting seeds that you must include in your diet

It is well known that our body has its own defence mechanism that comes into action whenever encountering any harmful foreign particle be it from outside (viruses, bacteria, etc.) or from inside (cancer cells). It is a proven fact that our body itself is self-sufficient in fighting a large number of diseases by the virtue of our immune system. We actually need not take medicines unless the condition is so bad that there is no other option left (always consult a doctor first whenever you fall ill) only if our immune system works well. Working on one’s immune system and preparing it for the worst to happen is as necessary as having food and breathing in air. Such is the importance of the immune system. So, there are certain foods that are meant to be supportive in polishing or further making the immune system stronger. Here, we discuss some of the tiny foods (super seeds) or one may say ‘superfoods’ to be necessarily included in daily or at least a weekly diet (foods to increase immunity)

  1. Black and white sesame seeds– Sesame seeds both black and white sesame are rich in compounds making them immunity-boosting foods. Zinc element is essential for the production of an important constituent of our blood called white blood cells that are responsible in identifying the foreign particles entering our body in order to destroy or normal cells thereby giving rise to a disease. The richness of sesame seeds in zinc makes it a very important superfood at this time of the season when the weather is in a transition phase when the human body is so much prone to infections and flu. Not just zinc, sesame seed’s other components such as vitamin B6, copper, selenium, vitamin E have their own respective functions again making them a better choice for enhancement of immune response. Vitamin E is meant to fight against minor infections that weaken our immune system making us prone to bigger infections. Moreover, the seeds are effective in reducing symptoms of a disorder caused by our own immune system when it starts to kill the cells of our own body, known as rheumatoid arthritis (an autoimmune disease).

  1. Watermelon seeds- They are easily available at some of the online stores. These seeds are rich in some of the common nutrients such as magnesium, iron, zinc, etc. Discussing each nutrient separately Iron is basically responsible for the formation and maturation of red blood cells along with the lymphocytes that are souls of the immune system of the human body forming a defence mechanism against certain foreign infectious particles entering our body with their only purpose of inducing diseases. The immune system remains well maintained if the body’s metabolism works efficiently, watermelon seeds are rich in magnesium as well which performs the above-mentioned function very well with great potential. Also, zinc being the care-taker and producer of immune cells protecting us from pathogens is a major constituent of this immunity-boosting food.
  1. Sunflower kernels– As explained above that our body is not just susceptible to the outer infectious agents but our own bodily cells can sometimes act as trouble-maker for us. One such instance is cancer when our own cells start proliferating at a rate faster enough that it forms a large ma  ss called a tumour and spreads to the whole body in no time ultimately killing the person. So, immunity against such cells is also necessary so that they are killed before spreading. Sunflower seeds are one such immunity booster due to their internal composition as described by medical people. The high selenium content of the seeds prevents certain cancers to even induce in the first place making them be a food must for our daily diets. There are certain free radicals or toxins that get accumulated with time mainly from our unhealthy and avoidable food habits making our skin look aged, also being a contributing factor for various other disorders like obesity and hormonal imbalances. The vitamin E content of sunflower seeds helps in washing the toxins off of the body and also helps in maintaining skin health alongside prevention from unwanted diseases.
  1. Coriander seeds- Mainly cultivated in the arid state of Rajasthan coriander seeds are an innate item in Indian kitchens. Although, coriander seeds are rarely eaten raw when powdered can be eaten in various forms. Its widespread use in our Indian kitchens is not just for its strong flavour and taste but for its nutritional importance also. Our body accumulates free radicals mainly responsible for fats in the different regions of our body and certain cancers which can be flushed out on consumption of coriander due to its antioxidant properties. Also, the sugars and high-calorie food may cause inflammation in our body which too can be reduced by the magical property of antioxidants. It is advisable that relying on home remedies rather than opting for medicines can be of less wear and tear since medicines come with a lot of side effects as well, for that very reason coriander seeds can be used prophylactically to prevent certain types of cancers by virtue of their composition namely terpinene, quercetin, tocopherols giving our immune system an impetus while protecting our neurological functions.
  1. Chia seeds- Previously used very rarely, chia seeds are now becoming an integral part of people’s diet because of its nutritional value since people nowadays are much more aware of their health and keeping a check on their bodily functions by trying to have a healthy eating habit to physical exercises of varying intensities. Chia seeds, as the latest studies suggest, when included in a balanced diet can act as a lifesaver for it prevents many chronic diseases to even start forming in the body. Our immune system along with our cardiovascular system and metabolic processes should be in balanced coordination preventing any sort mishap inside the body. Chia seeds’ high content of linoleic and alpha-linoleic acid fatty acids are a unique property possessed by them. Their richness in omega 3 fatty acids are largely responsible for a healthy heart by preventing blood to clot anywhere in the body, regulation of heart rhythm hence stabilizing heart rate, other functions like lowering of blood cholesterol levels, increasing the good fat levels (HDL) and decreasing LDL levels, hence regulating blood pressure. Obesity caused by sustaining a fat full diet is also a factor contributing to a bad immune system. Fibre present in chia seeds also aids in weight loss by creating a feeling of fullness therefore preventing excessive eating keeping in check the blood sugar levels as well.
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