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Dry Fruits to Eat to Prevent Weight Gain

Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits to Eat to Prevent Weight Gain

Dry Fruits to prevent weight gain

Whenever we talk about losing weight, the first and foremost thing which hits instantly are green veggies. No doubt vegetables are extremely beneficial for health, but, you always have to hunt for interesting recipes over internet to satisfy your taste. In this whole process, at one point, you are completely fed up and start craving for junk food, thus, end up gaining even more weight. Well, this article is here for you to provide impressive answers to prevent weight gain. Apart from fruits and vegetables, dry fruits diet is great to handle unnecessary weight gain. Many of us have a misconception about gaining weight through dry fruits. As we know that, too much of a good thing also loses its value, similarly, dry fruits are unbelievable to prevent weight gain only when eaten in moderation.

Instead of following the stereotype and discussing the benefits of dry fruits one after another, this article goes deep inside to bring out the essential micronutrients, as discussed below, in dry fruits responsible for a sustainable weight loss:

  1. Dietary Fibre:

Soluble fibre is very effective for the health of gut bacteria, thus, promoting healthy digestion. These fibres work great in reducing the appetite by regulating the hunger hormones, including ghrelin. Studies have shown that fibre slows down the movement of food throughout the gut line, thus, keeping your hunger at bay and avoiding more calorie intake. Eating dry fruits benefits your health due to high levels of soluble fibre. Therefore, having dry fruits diet, especially soaked dry fruits, is fantastic to prevent weight gain.

  • Dry fruits for weight loss:

(100g of dry fruits contain dietary fibre as follow)

Fox nuts (14.5g); Almonds (12.50g); Pistachio nuts (11g); Dry figs (9.8g); Dates (7.5g); Dry apricots (7g); Walnut (7g); Raisins (5g); Cashew nuts (3g)

Dry Fruits to prevent weight gain

  1. Monounsaturated Fat:

This healthy fat, when consumed in needed amount, is a great way to slim your bulging tummy, as, it helps building good cholesterol and flushes out the bad ones, especially low-density lipoproteins (LDL). This dietary fat provides necessary fatty acids which boosts the mitochondria to produce heat and energy and burn off extra calories. Dry fruits and nuts are home of this health fat. A handful of mixed dry fruits is a great source to saturate your body with the goodness of fatty acids and keep your heart healthy.

  • Dry fruits for weight loss:

(100g of dry fruits contain healthy fat as follow)

Pecans (71.5g); Walnut (65g); Pistachio nuts (45g); Cashew nuts (43g); Almonds (12.5g); Dry figs (0.93g); Dry apricots (0.5g); Fox nuts (0.1g)

  1. Omega-3:

Researches have shown that the more you burn calories the more you prevent weight gain. Omega-3 plays a dominant role in burning calories by lifting the metabolism in the body. Thus, more is the metabolic rate, higher are the calories burnt, thereby, making you more fit and healthy. A small quantity of eating dry fruits benefits a lot. Rich in omega-3, these dry fruits for weight loss are capable to shape your physic. So, start including  dry fruits diet, packed with omega-3, to feel the difference.

  • Dry fruits for weight loss:

(100g of dry fruits contain omega-3 as follow)

Flax seeds (6.7g); Chia seeds (5g); walnut (3.35g)

  1. Dry Fruits to prevent weight gainProtein:

We have always know protein for muscle building and strength and hardly paid attention towards it’s unique ways of preventing weight gain. Yes, you heard it right! Protein aids quick weight loss by activating the body’s signal to reduce appetite to keep you full for a long period. This essential nutrient curbs your craving to eat more by switching on peptide, GLP-1 and YY – the fullness hormones of the body. Grabbing the benefits of dry fruits is an awesome way to manage weight and health. Another way is to have soaked dry fruits for breakfast, as, these are more nutritious and loaded with moisture.

  • Dry fruits for weight loss:

(100g of dry fruits contain protein as follow)

Almonds (21g); Pistachio nuts (20g); Cashew nuts (18g); Walnut (15g); Pecans (10.9g); Fox nuts (9.7g); Dry apricots (3.4g); Dry figs (3.3g); Raisins (3g)

  1. Catechin:

This is a major antioxidant, which, besides reducing oxidative cell damage, helps to manage weight and physical fitness. In order to burn off fat, the first step is to break it down from the cells. Here, catechin plays a lead role by inhibiting the enzymes responsible for such break down, so that, the extra fat inside flows into the bloodstreams and is converted into energy. Eating dry fruits benefits the body by keeping you light weighted due to the presence of good amount of catechin. You can go for dry fruits recipes or soaked dry fruits to flatter your taste buds and fitness at the same time.

  • Dry fruits for weight loss:

(100g of dry fruits contain catechin as follow)

Prunes (7291mg); Dates (3467mg); Dry figs (2537mg); Raisins (2490mg)

Dry Fruits to prevent weight gain

  1. Magnesium:

Magnesium is a vital micronutrient which supports almost all the body functions. This regulates the nervous system, heart and muscles and has also proved to be effective in preventing weight gain. Studies have shown that magnesium is a key component to control blood sugar and insulin level, thus, reducing obesity and enhancing fitness. In order to shed fat, it’s important to shed sweat and calories. Magnesium enables muscle contraction which boost the metabolism to bring down the calorie count and weight. Dry fruits are a good source of magnesium, hence, eating dry fruits benefits the body by ejecting unwanted collective bad fat.

  • Dry fruits for weight loss:

(100g of dry fruits contain magnesium as follow)

Cashew nuts (296mg); Almonds (270mg); Pistachio nuts (120mg); Walnut (39%); Dates (14%); Dry apricots (8%)

*percentage are based on a general dosage of 2000 calories a day.

  1. Vitamin C:

You must have heard about drinking lukewarm ‘nimbu pani’ for weight loss. Have you ever thought the reason behind it? Well, we all know that lemon is the powerhouse of vitamin c, which is very effective to prevent weight gain. Vitamin C improves fat oxidation as it supplies antioxidants to the body, thereby, cutting off fat accumulation around belly. There is an inverse relation between intake of vitamin c and aggregation of fat, with moderate workout routine. As, 80% of physical fitness depends on diet, so, it’s very important to plan your meal. You just cannot have a full diet plate every time to suppress your hunger, hence, go for dry fruits, as, these can replace your petty meals to keep your hunger at bay for a longer time. Dry fruits diet is quick to grab and have, and, in no time your body is loaded with the benefits of dry fruits.

  • Dry fruits for weight loss:

(100g of dry fruits contain vitamin c as follow)

Dry litchi (183mg); Dry longans (28mg); Dry peaches (10.6mg); Dry pears (7mg); Dry figs (1.2mg); Walnut (2%); Raisins (1%); Dry apricots (1%)

*percentage are based on a general dosage of 2000 calories a day.

Dry Fruits to prevent weight gain

  1. Probiotics and Prebiotics:

Nutrients don’t cut the body fat themselves, instead, these facilitate weight loss by helping other body organs and functions responsible for it. Similarly, probiotics and prebiotics aids to prevent weight gain by taking good care of gut bacteria, which regulates the body shape. Probiotics usually work to enhance the colonies of good gut bacteria, on the other side, prebiotics provides favourable environment and nourishment to such bacteria to exists and regulate the hunger hormones. There are a number of food items rich in these micronutrients and dry fruits are also a part of this race. Dry fruits diet is the storehouse of these essential nutrients, therefore, a handful of these should be sprinkled to make your food and health more sublime.

  • Dry fruits for weight loss:

(100g of dry fruits contain probiotics and Prebiotics as follow)

Flax seeds (28.5g); Fox nuts (14.6g); Almonds (12.5g); Pistachio nuts (10.7g); Walnut (6.4g)

  1. Zinc:

This is one of the most significant nutrient among all, as, it is highly engaged for the treatment of obesity. Zinc not only restricts the calories intake but also builds favourable inflammatory makers, improves insulin resistance, and reduces appetite. It boost the thyroid hormones which lifts the metabolic rate, thus, burning more fat. Also, this essential trace mineral increases testosterones in male, thereby, reducing fat and providing muscular strength. Food is the all time option, but, why to indulge into so much cooking when a mixed dry fruits diet would do the same. Hence, try adding the benefits of dry fruits in your ‘Healthy Plate’ to reform your body and weight.

  • Dry fruits for weight loss:

(100g of dry fruits contain zinc as follow)

Hemp seeds (10mg); Pumpkin seeds (7.8mg); Pine nuts (6mg); Cashew nuts (5.6mg); Pecans (5mg); Sunflower seeds (5mg); Chia seeds (5mg); Flax seeds (4mg); Almonds (3.3mg); Walnut (2.9mg)

Now, when you have reached the end of this article, it is important to know that no single nutrient can work magic to prevent weight gain, as, the benefits of all the essential nutrients depend on each other. In this case, the dry fruits diet serves the best in terms of time, quantity and nutrition than any other food recipes. ‘Dry fruits diet to manage weight’ is not a popular statement, but this article helps to bring out the unseen benefits of dry fruits for weight loss. Hence, must be given a try.

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