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Quick Tips to Improve Immune System


Quick Tips to Improve Immune System

Whenever it comes to improving your immune system, we all consider healthy eating to play the lead role. Well, a good diet has a major role to play, as, it holds all the essential immunity boosting nutrients. But, what if one eats healthy food without washing his hands? Will this help to improve immunity in any way? The answer is No. There are a number of tips and tricks which act as ancillaries to immune building, apart from a balanced diet.

Our lifestyle influences the way our body resist the illness. This means that, all our habits from eating to sleeping Have A Remarkable impact in improving the immune system and building inner strength. Thus, this winter, when the pandemic is all around, we need to change not only our diet plate but also the way of living in order to enhance the immunity.

This article would be of immense help to those planning to take the health of their defence mechanism to a next level by following some very fruitful and handy tips discussed below to improve their immune system:

1. Having a Rainbow Diet:
As discussed earlier, good food has a lot to do with immunity. But, what food should be included to make your diet balanced? Well, the simplest way is to add something from everything. Your meal should consist of a variety of colourful food items such as spinach, broccoli, red, green, orange yellow bell pepper, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, berries etc. This Rainbow diet is not only eye pleasing but also makes your immune happy by providing essential nutrients including vitamins, zinc, selenium, folic acid, folate iron and much more.

2. Regular Exercise:
Well, not many of us are big fan of exercising. A good exercise not only flushes out the toxic bacteria and virus cells, brings change in antibodies and white blood cells but also maintains the body heat for the proper functioning of your immune. Exercising sounds hectic only when you consider it as day to day job. In order to improve the immune system, you have to carry some of the other fitness activities regularly and make it a part of your fun routine and stress buster. A variety of fitness options including, workouts, yoga, morning walks, outdoor games, skipping, dancing etc., are open to keep your body fit and active always.

3. Quit Smoking and Alcohol:
Smoking and heavy alcohol consumption leads to a hoard of health issues and can damage any of the organs. Addictive people are more vulnerable to a number of respiratory infections. Cigarettes and alcohol not only reduces the immunoglobulin level but also alters the immune response to a great extent. These habits make your immune system weak day by day does making your body more prone towards lethal infections and diseases. It is hence advisable, to quit these habits with support and develop healthy lifestyle, as, we all are blessed with one beautiful life and it’s never late to start something good.

4. Good Sleep:
Late night sleeping has become a regular practice. But, do you really know what impact it leaves on our immune building? Sleep plays a major role in the development of T cells, which help the immune system to make antibodies for fighting infections and virus cells. If the body is deprived of required sleep, which is about 7 to 8 hours normally, the ability of T cells gets hampered, thereby, weakening the defence mechanism of your body. Hence, try to prioritise adequate sleep and also get involved in activities to promote good quality sleep, as, it is very very essential for immunity from the long term perspective.

5. Staying Hydrated:
Three things are always on the top list when it comes to improving your immune system and those are Hydration, Hydration and Hydration of course. Human body is all 70% water so, it is very essential that proper and enough fluid consumption has to be made. Water effectively kicks out all the toxic elements and carries oxygen to the immune system, hence, preventing negative impact on your immunity. Instead of plain water you should try fruit juices, vegetable drinks, lemon water, and other essential fluids as these contain vital immune boosting nutrients along with water to improve your immune system. Therefore, stay hydrated if you really want to protect your body.

6. No to outside Food:
The very difficult task on the list. Today, we all are obsessed with outside Food and don’t even care to know its side effects. With Covid-19 all around the globe, it’s high time that you should say no to outside eating, as, these food items are home of germs and infections which directly go inside our body to create problems. If you’re truly hunting for tips to improve your immune system, be strict to yourself and stick to homemade food. Initially, this won’t be your favourite, but, when you’ll start to feel the benefits you cannot stop yourself from loving homemade food. There are end number of amazing recipes, to go for, available over internet to satisfy your taste and help your immunity.

7. Personal Hygiene:
Again, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is a must to improve the immune system. Do not unnecessarily touch surface or other areas used in common. Make sure that you wash your hand properly or sanitize it to kick away germs. Always cover your nose and mouth to avoid germ contact and other pollutants. These petty yet useful mantras must be practised regularly to provide assistance in improving your immune system and keeping you healthy.

8. Managing stress:
Today, situation has gone upside down, i.e., whole of stress and little bit of life somewhere. From breakfast to dinner our mind is all occupied with tension, stress and tiredness. This has resulted in hypertension and diabetes becoming common in every second person. Not only this, stress even harms our immunity in a very subtle manner. Whenever a person is stressed his immune ability to fight antigens is suppressed, thus, making his body ill and infected. Now, the point is how to manage stress in our daily routine? There are a number of answers to it:
• start meditating
• spend time with family and friends
• have proper diet regularly
• quit or reduce toxic habits
• get enough of sleep
• indulge in your hobbies
• do not use pills to relax yourself

9. Focus on Immune Nutrients:
We have already talked much about healthy eating. But, as you know that different food items hold different nutrients, so, it is important to include maximum of immune boosting nutrients in our daily diet to improve the immune system. For this, make sure you plan your meal before hand to avoid nutrient deficiencies. Make a list of the maximum food items available and categorise as per the nutrients they hold. Now, add them in your diet plate and you are done. Wow! 2 simple steps to beat nutrient deficiency and also improve the working of your immune system. Thus, when your meal is loaded with immune boosting nutrients the immune tolerance is increased and you need not worry about infections anymore.

10. Be an Optimist:
Well, this point is valid in almost all the circumstances, apart from improving the immune system. An optimistic mind and soul has a great impact on your body as you are all surrounded by positive vibes, thus, kicking all the negativity away from your body, even infections and illness. It has been scientifically proven that a positive mindset not only keeps a person ill free but also helps in faster recovery from any kind of disease. In fact, one of the incidences have shown that, a cancer patient had recovered from the last stage after he determined to live is life at the fullest. What can be a better example than this. Hence, build the positive aroma around you because not only you but also the people around are greatly affected.

The sole purpose of this article is only to make you more knowledgeable, informative and alert. You are now left with plenty of food ideas, tips and tricks and other essential nutritional information regarding the health and development of your immune system. Almost all the vital information necessary to immune boosting have been provided in the easiest way possible, so that, you are all set to march throughout the pandemic.
Now, it’s the time for some action. If you really do care about your health and immunity follow the above mentioned on a serious note to feel the difference.

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