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Which foods to include to improve diet plan


Which foods to include to improve diet plan

It’s often tedious when we are constantly told to develop healthy eating habits. Today, everyone wants to have junk food and party stuffs and never pay attention towards healthy meal, unless, it becomes the only option. The very old saying ‘Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy’ is still the most valuable even today. With the advancement in medical science, various infections and diseases have also spread globally. Hence, it’s high time that you should saturated your body with immunity boosting nutrients through a healthy plate.

Why improving your diet is important?

The current era of pandemic has taught us much about immunity boosting. Healthy meal has become the need of the hour. Food we take is not sufficient enough to meet our immune requirements, therefore, one should have knowledge of putting essential food nutrients in their plate to improve the diet plan. It’s important to alter our meal with immunity boosting nutrients, as, these food items would not only boost and enhance immune tolerance but also strengthen and activate the immune system for better performance.

Just the way a car cannot run with water, instead of fuel, similarly, for a strong immune system proper boosting nutrients are required. Every second our body is exposed to millions of germs and virus cells and the immune system holds the complete responsibility to protect our body against them. Thus, is vital to add on healthy stuffs to upgrade your daily meal.

Foods to improve your diet plan:

When it comes to eating healthy, a variety of options are open, but, there’s no need hunting for ‘trendy’ stuffs when some very common food items are available to meet all your immune requirements. Below are some very familiar and extremely healthy food items to polish your diet:

1. Dry Fruits:
Nuts and seeds including almonds, cashew, pistachio, sesame seeds, raisins and flax seeds are loaded with meaningful micronutrients which advances the immune response. These contain niacin, vitamin E, zinc etc., which not only improve the immunity but also reduces the aging effect on it. A handful of dry fruits, on a daily basis, is enough to improve your diet. You can add these nuts into recipes to make your food even more flavoursome and healthy. Also, some of these nuts, especially roasted-salted pistachio and cashew nuts are amazing snacks to give your immune a boost.

2. Colourful Veggies:
A variety of colourful vegetables including, tomatoes, red bell pepper, broccoli, spinach, carrot, sweet potatoes, cucumber, mushrooms etc., are all weighted with essential vitamins and antioxidants. Apart from protecting against heart diseases, cancer and hypertension, these have proved to be vital in the growth and development of a healthy immune system. These contain important immunity boosting nutrients such as vitamin A, C, folic acid, potassium, fibre etc., which is a must for the proper functioning of the immune system. Hence, a plate full of colourful veggies must be included as a part of your diet.

3. 100% Whole Grains:
Also known as cereals, whole grains are a healthy option for a healthy diet. Most of these are easily found in your kitchen shelves and is a must to be a part of your deit plan. Corn, oatmeal, brown rice, barley, wheat flour and millet are some very needed grains all loaded with the goodness of immune boosting nutrients such as, vitamins, zinc, iron, antioxidants etc. These essential grains not only refuels the immunity but also reboost the defence mechanism of the body to fight infections. Whole grains are not very friendly with the taste buds, so, to make sure that these are a part of your daily plate, go for some interesting recipes which would provide you taste and health on the same page.

4. Herbs and Spices:
Literally, no Indian food is complete without Herbs and spices. Besides adding a flavoursome punch, these spices, including, turmeric, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, garlic, carom seeds, nutmeg, bay leaves, tulsi leaves etc., hold high antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties, apart from other immunity boosting micronutrients. These are highly antiviral and antibacterial and is a blessing for those suffering from respiratory infections. Herbs and Spices play a major role in maintaining the body heat, thereby, keeping the immune system active all the time. Hence, this winter add on some herbs and spices in your food to boost the flavour and health.

5. Meat, Poultry and Seafood:
This is one of the best food options for the non vegetarians to help improve their diet and enhance the immune system. These mainly include, red meat, egg, chicken breast, wild Salmon, tuna, shrimp, oyster, crabs and so many more. These are immensely rich in Selenium, zinc, iron and B vitamins which help in maintaining the immunoglobulin level and increase the count of white blood cells for the fast production of antibodies. Thus, having meat and seafood is the best way for a non vegetarian to improve the health and fight flu and infections this pandemic.

6. Dairy:
Milk and related food items such as yoghurt, cheese etc., is a tremendous source of all the immunity boosting nutrients. One cannot get all the required nutrients in a single plate, it is for this reason people are told to have dairy products to meet the nutrient deficiency after every meal. Rich in protein, essential vitamins, zinc, selenium etc., these food items play a dominant role in shaping the growth and strength of the immunity. Thus, dairy products are an all time option to mould your diet routine and take a step ahead towards a healthy lifestyle.

7. Fruits and Berries:
Low in calories, fruits and berries are completely saturated with multivitamins and immunity boosting nutrients. These have strong anti-inflammation properties which help the defence system of your body to fight infections. But, having a plate full of fruits often sounds monotonous. So, why not go for some interesting Mixed Fruit Smoothies, Fruit Pie or Fruit Cake. These are not only delicious but are also extreme when it comes to changing your immunity and health in a positive way. Some common winter fruits and berries which has a direct impact on immunity, include, orange, apple, blueberries, pears, grapefruit, mosambi, pomegranate, guava, kiwi, papaya and strawberries.

8. Dark Chocolates:
One of the most fascinating item, dark chocolate, go beyond its classic taste. Most of you would be surprised to know that the Cocoa in the chocolate contains phenolic compounds which is great in strengthening the immune system and body resistance. Dark chocolates have proved to be very effective in suppressing cold and stubborn cough. But, make sure that the chocolate you take has enough of Cocoa present to support your immunity. That’s good, you now don’t need to feel guilty about having one, as, you are doing a favour to your immunity, health and diet instead.

9. Essential Oil:
Hardly had we paid attention to what type of cooking oil are we using. But, the current pandemic has made us more aware about extracting immunity boosting nutrients even from the regular cooking oil. One should include olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, wheat germ Oil, almond oil, soyabean oil or desi ghee, if you are serious about improving your diet. When a healthy food is being cooked in a highly nutritive oil, what more benefit can one get. Switching to healthy oil is the first and foremost step towards building a healthy diet plate.
The above mentioned food items are very common and easy to include in your daily meal without much alterations. These healthy bombs are the best in shaping your life style.

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