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Nutrition Facts of Sesame Seeds

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Nutrition Facts of Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds Nutrition
Sesame seeds nutrition is very vital for health, as, there stands a long list of benefits of eating sesame seeds. We all are very much aware of the amazing benefits of eating sesame seeds, but hardly pay attention towards the sesame seeds nutritional value. This article digs out the essential micronutrients and mineral contents, which are a part of sesame seeds nutrition. Usually, people are not interested in reading the repetitive benefits of various food items, including sesame seeds. Therefore, this article presents you the direct facts, figures and numbers to breakdown the monotony and make your understanding even more interesting, so that, you yourself could answer the question ‘Are sesame seeds good for health?’

Role of Sesame Seeds Nutrition in Building Health:

1. Carbohydrates in sesame seeds nutrition:

  • Carbs are broken down into glucose, which act as a primary fuel for the body especially brain.
    Provides intense energy to the body to run for the whole day.
  • Increases the production of serotonin-a mood boosting chemical.
  • Having ‘slow release’ carbs burns more fat, as, these do not spike the sugar level in blood, which is in case of refined carbs.
  • Complex carbohydrates are amazing in stabilising the functions of nervous system and also reducing stress and anxiety.

2. Dietary fibre in sesame seeds nutrition:

  • Benefits of eating sesame seeds are enormous and the presence of rich amount of dietary fibre is the most vital, as, it not only normalises the bowel movement, but also maintains the health of the gut bacteria.
  • Soluble fibre, one of the essential parts of sesame seeds nutritional value, helps in slow absorption of sugar, thus, maintaining blood sugar level in Diabetics.
  • Benefits of eating sesame seeds include saturation of body with healthy fibre, which in turn reduces bad cholesterol and slows down the movement of food throughout the intestine, thus, reducing appetite and weight.

3. Protein in sesame seeds nutrition:

  • Very significant micronutrient, protein, grabs a good place in sesame seeds nutritional value. These are vital for muscle building and repair.
  • Protein is majorly required for the formation of digestive enzymes, cells and chemical compounds in the body.
  • Having sesame seeds in breakfast is a fantastic way to fill your body with protein, which avoids unnecessary cravings for the whole day and also reduces late-night snacking. Hence, such controlled hunger levels are the best to prevent weight gain.

4. Healthy fat in sesame seeds nutrition:

  • Sesame seeds nutritional value consist a large portion of healthy fat, which gives a healthy heart by reducing the count of lipoproteins and triglycerides, and increasing HDL cholesterol in the body.
  • Healthy fat helps in improving insulin sensitivity, thereby, turns out to be diabetic friendly.
  • Dietary fat in sesame seeds avoid plaque build-up in arteries, thus, enables smooth flow of blood and lowers blood pressure.

5. Calcium in sesame seeds nutrition:

  • Presence of calcium holds top position among the benefits of eating sesame seeds. This nutrient is fundamental for building and strengthening bones.
  • Consuming sesame seeds help to inject calcium, which protects the cartilage and avoids arthritis and joint pains.
  • Not only bones, but the heart, muscles and the nervous system also requires calcium for smooth and normal functioning.

6. Potassium in sesame seeds nutrition:

  • Potassium, an integral component of sesame seeds nutritional value, is very well understood by hypertension patients, as, it holds the responsibility of sodium absorption, thus, lowering high blood pressure.
  • It balances the body fluids, water retention, nerve signals, pH, digestion and muscle contraction.
  • Potassium is an amazing electrolyte that transmits electrical impulses in the body, thereby, enhancing better body performance.

7. Iron in sesame seeds nutrition:

  • Iron, a very common, yet one of the most required body nutrients, is needed to avoid problems like anaemia, low immunity, fatigue, etc.
  • The fundamental role of iron is the production of haemoglobin, which helps to transfer oxygen to blood.
  • Adding sesame seeds in your diet is one of the best ways to fill iron gap in the body, as, it reduces bruising and also improves concentration and attentiveness.

8. Zinc in sesame seeds nutrition:

  • Zinc is a very important trace element required for a healthy body and the presence of this makes the benefits of eating sesame seeds even more heavy, as, it activates around 300 enzymes in the body.
  • Starting from digestion to metabolism, immunity, cell formation, nervous function and the senses of taste and smell, zinc touches almost every aspect of body function.
  • Sesame seeds are significant keepers of zinc and therefore should be included in regular meals to provide the body a healthy kick start.

9. Magnesium in sesame seeds nutrition:

  • Although magnesium is not a very popular nutrient, but the benefits of it are quite surprising, as, it is greatly involved in a number of biochemical reactions inside the body.
  • This is a principal element responsible for creating energy by converting food, protein through amino acids, DNA and RNA.
  • Magnesium boost muscle movement and body performance, as, it transmits messages between brain and nervous system.

10. Phosphorus in sesame seeds nutrition:

  • Hardly do we consider the presence or deficiency of phosphorus, but after knowing the role played by it the scenario wouldn’t be the same. Phosphorus is the essence of a healthy body, as, it keeps a check on how the body uses carbs and fat.
  • This nutrient looks after the growth, repair and maintenance of cells and tissues.
  • Phosphorus makes the use of B vitamins, vitamin D, and other mineral contents for the growth and development of a healthy body.

Are sesame seeds good for health? Now you can answer this question very well, as, this article has provided enough of learning on how the benefits of sesame seeds helps building health. All the leading elements of sesame seeds nutrition have been discussed in the easiest way possible for you to take the best advantage out of it. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your meals with the goodness of sesame seeds nutrition.

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