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12 Amazing Benefits of Sesame Seeds


12 Amazing Benefits of Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds hold very little or negligible place in your daily diet plate. But, this wasn’t the case with your ancestors, as, they very well knew the amazing health benefits of sesame seeds. No doubt, these benefits of sesame seeds have categorized it among super food items even today. You often hear your grandparents saying that, they still hold more strength, energy and health than the younger generation. The very straight reason to this saying is the presence of healthy grains and seeds, including the benefits of sesame seeds, in their meal.

This article, therefore, covers all the tremendous benefits of eating sesame seeds which would lure you towards understanding the benefits of sesame seeds and having these healthy tiny looking seeds regularly to push your health to the next level.

12 Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds:

1. Gives ‘Happy Tummy’:
Sesame seeds are a fabulous source of dietary fibre. We all know that fibre works amazing to smoothen digestion by promoting health of gut bacteria. This also helps to slow down the movement of food throughout the intestine, thereby, controlling your apatite and cravings. Hence, consuming sesame seeds regularly provides you a healthy gut, a happy tummy and a perfect option for weight loss.

2. Makes Skin Vibrant:
Are you facing skin related issues, such as, acne, spots, breakouts, fine lines, dullness, aging, discoloration and so much more? Well, there is all in one solution to it. Yes! Sesame seeds benefits to heal your skin. The rich oil present in these seeds makes the skin soft and supple. Also, the anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties in sesame seeds are the best to cure redness, aging, sores etc. You can simply add these seeds in your diet or apply sesame seed oil to feel the amazing results.

3. Magical Effect on Hair:
Today, we all rush for chemical based products to tackle hair related mess, but, the actual results turn out to be even more devastating. Every single product of hair is loaded with some or other toxic element, which cannot be avoided in this daily rush. Here, sesame seeds benefits by playing a dominant role in maintaining the pH level of hair and balancing out the damage done through chemical use. Sesame seed oil, when applied, serves as a natural hair conditioner and you will never switch back to chemical conditioners once you see the results.

4. Strengthen Bones and Teeth:
Again, a very unbelievable point in the health benefits of sesame seeds. Eating sesame seeds benefits the body by boosting bone and teeth health. Both, hulled and unhulled sesame seeds benefits by providing required calcium and mineral contents, which are vital for the growth and development of bones and teeth. You just need to sprinkle these seeds in your regular food in order to upgrade the nutritive value of your meal and also get some flavoursome crunch at the same time.


5. Stunning Source of Plant Protein:
Protein is one of the most essential nutrient for muscle building and people nowadays are blindly having protein supplements to nourish their health. Well, there is no supplement available anywhere which would provide you the goodness of protein than sesame seeds. Benefits of eating sesame seeds possess a long list and the presence of plant protein is one among them. What can be more better than natural plant protein to boost your metabolism for the whole day? Having 2 to 3 tbsp of hulled roasted sesame seed is the best option to fill in the protein deficiency, as, it reduces the presence of oxalate and phylate – compounds which hamper protein absorption.

6. Builds Healthy Heart:
The outside food fascinates the taste buds in such a manner that people totally ignore the adverse effect it leaves behind. It’s totally fine if you eat junk food sometimes, but, you need to have some good food side by side. Sesame seeds benefits amazingly by neutralising the harmful effects of such food items and reducing the count of bad cholesterol, especially lipoproteins and triglycerides. Thus, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

7. No Tension in Hypertension:
Very common, yet interesting among health benefits of sesame seeds includes, lowering of blood pressure. Sesame seeds benefit health by providing a rich amount of magnesium which helps to control hypertension. Also, the presence of vitamin E, lignans, and antioxidants avoid plaque build-up in arteries, thus, maintaining healthy blood pressure. Hypertension has become a common scenario to almost each and every individual, hence, it’s high time to understand the benefits of sesame seeds and include these in your daily diet chart.

8. Storehouse of B Vitamins:
B vitamins are fundamental for proper cellular function and metabolism, therefore, is crucial for the health of the body. Very few people know the fact, that, sesame seeds are the depository of such essential B vitamins including, thiamine, niacin, and vitamin B6. No doubt, sesame seeds are superfood, and having these regularly is the best way to grab all required nutrients and mineral contents to boost the body cells and energy level at the same time.

9. Boon for Diabetics:
Apart from having a great combination of low carbs, high protein, and a good amount of healthy fat, sesame seed benefits through blood sugar control, as, these seeds contain pinoresinol, which not only regulates blood sugar but also activates Maltase- a digestive enzyme. This enzyme further helps in breaking down the sugar Maltose- a sweetening agent used in food items. Now, after knowing such benefits of eating sesame seeds, you must include these just the way you include flavours to your food.

10. Refuels the Immune System:
Sesame seeds are all rounder when it comes to immune boosting. Sesame seeds benefit the immune system by providing all needed nutrients, such as, zinc, B vitamins, selenium, vitamin E, copper, iron, etc. These micronutrients activate the immune system to produce more and more antibodies, which in turn helps to kick out unwanted invaders. Having the benefits of sesame seeds regularly is an incredible way to maintain inside heat and immunity together.

11. Soothes Arthritic Pain:
Arthritis and joint pain has found a place inside every second individual. There are many reasons to it, one being the quality of food you intake. Sesame seeds are great healers of such pain and inflammation, which again adds to the bucket list of health benefits of sesame seeds. The presence of sesamin, which holds high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, in the seeds helps to protect the cartilage and provide relief from such pain. As you know, there has been a sufficient reduction in the quality of food grown these days, so, it’s very crucial to include the benefits of sesame seeds to fill this gap.

12. Fosters Thyroid Health:
As discussed in the above benefits of sesame seeds, a good source of selenium is found in these seeds, which is significant for the health of your thyroid gland. This is the only organ that requires the highest chunk of selenium in the body. Selenium plays a dominant role in the production of thyroid hormones, which aids thyroid health. Apart from selenium, other nutrients found in sesame seed also contribute to the healthy growth and development of the thyroid gland. Therefore, sesame seeds are a blessing for those having thyroid related issues.

The above mentioned benefits of eating sesame seeds touch almost every aspect of your health and just a handful of these create miracles. People always hunt for reasons to avoid such super food items, as, these aren’t very tasty friendly. But, if you make a small effort to find ways and means to include these seeds in your diet, with time, you will definitely fall in love with the benefits of sesame seeds.

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